abstract 082412

Playing with custom textures and meshes in Blender...

abstract 082412
digital abstract - liquid texture
Playing with custom textures and meshes in Blender (not a fractal, this time). Created a texture in PS and used it in Blender to texture a custom mesh. Then back to PS for editing. Also skipped AI this time. I just rendered the scene out at an extremely high pixel resolution. Takes a little more time to produce, so I just let it render over night.

The first image is the texture I set up in PS.
This next image is a section of the full resolution image that I generated from Blender, using the texture above to warp the surface faces of a mesh, as well as act as the material/texture for the mesh.
The final result. To see it full size (12,500 x 7,500 px), visit the link above.

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