in between

Playing again with Mandelbulb. Love the textures you can achieve with it.

digital abstract/fractal abstract
I don't normally load stages of the project; but, I thought I would give it a try and see how it goes.

Stage 1: Mandelbulb
Stage 2: Adobe Photoshop; filters and adjustments
Stage 3: Adobe Photoshop; splitting channels. I like my work large and with a degree of degradation. So, I split my work into color channels for further processing. Here is the red channel image:
Stage 4: Adobe Illustrator; convert the grayscale channel files into posterized vector files. Here is the red channel after processing:
Stage 5: Adobe Photoshop; Recombine "vectorized" color channels, resize to my preferred output size (58in x 36in) and further filters and processing. 

End result:
I like this process. When recombined after "vectorizing" the color channels, the vector shapes do not line up perfectly and I get all these wonderful color fringes across the piece. Depending on the subject and how I convert the channels to vector files, the fringing is sometimes more or less.

The final piece is 17,400 x 10,800 pixels, or 58inx 36in @ 300ppi

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