People Studies

Contemporary Art Portraits of some celebrities, with some abstract elements - seeking constructive input.

People Studies
Abstract Portraits of a few celebrities
It began with Elizabeth Taylor. I'm always seeing other artists post tributes of some kind to celebrities. When Elizabeth died, I thought that it might be nice for me to try my hand at doing a portrait. I'm not that great, so I need have a photo from which I start. I use that as a model and then begin to break the photo down into light and dark shapes. All of these were done in Adobe Illustrator. The top image is the first one I've tried. Each subsequent piece is in order of completion.

Each piece is 36" x 58" @ 300ppi. Links to the full size images follow each piece.

I am open to constructive criticism. I've got a long way to go (to my personal goal, anyway). Any input on technique, color, and composition is appreciated!

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