The Couple

The Couple
This is the scan of the family photo on which the following two pieces are based. I made a guess that they are husband and wife - no information was included on the photo. I am guessing the photo is circa 1920's to 1930's
The Husband.
24 x 36 "
I tried to do this in an impressionism style that is a kind of a blend between styles similar to some of Van Gogh's and Munch's works. I flatter myself to think I came close to my objective.
Detail Shots for The Husband
The Wife
24 x 36 "
Her blouse posed a bit of a challenge to me. Such a large area of white with no significant details. I played with a number of ways to add in my own idea something she could be wearing. Eventually, I decided I was overthinking it and left it white and simple. Instead of trying to add detail that wasn't there, I decided to embrace the white, adding only enough blue to give it a hint of texture - and relying heavily on the texture of the brush strokes for the rest. It goes against my instincts to have such a heavy white area. Feels a little off balance.

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