Boy Blue

digital watercolor illustration

Still working on my watercolor effect. I think I'm getting closer, but still not quite there. Ps can do a lot of things, but I have yet to find a watercolor action or plugin that really comes across as very realistic. I think the solution is a combination of good old elbow grease and stacked filters. To get the effect this far, it took a lot of brush work - using mixer brush with modified bristle brushes, smudging with bristle brushes, and effects - including Gaussian and shape blurs, crystallize (or maybe it was facet) pixellation, find edges, and glowing edges. Once I get the process to where I think it looks most realistic, I may post a tutorial.

This is the same figure I used in "monsters from the k·id." I've been wanting to use him again. With full body tattoos on such a young child, I think he comes across as sufficiently disturbing.

72in x 116in @ 150ppi.
big and zoomy:

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