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Trying to expand my skills and focus on some weaker points. Setting aside my abstract work (for a bit, anyway) to explore some impressionistic styles.

I wanted to explore some impressionistic styles. My first one was an elephant - because why not?

Then I realized I had a number of old family photos I had scanned. I have no idea who he is. The date is probably around the mid 1920's. The original photo was very blurry; but, I thought that made it more interesting.

Another old photo. Not as happy with this one. I do like the colors.

I'm getting a better feel for using the lines as the core design element. Still not happy with everything, though. I like the eyes, but some of the contouring is just odd. I think the neck is the worst offender here. I think it is about the edges of the neck. I think the lines should make more of a sharp up turn and converge/overlap each other to create more depth. Stopping sharply at the edge makes it all look flat. I may pull up my Blender software and apply a line texture to a virtual model so I can check if I am correct. 

I'm pretty sure I am.

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