supplication of the disenfranchised

digital illustration with halftone patterns

supplication of the disenfranchised
Thinking a bit about how people react to being oppressed and have their rights subverted. To me, the logical reaction is to fight back. What fascinates (and frightens) me is how so many people are drawn to their oppressors. People seem to revere the very leaders and institutions that subjugate them. Odd. Disturbing. Sad.

Like my last piece, much of the detail in this image is very fine. Zoom in to see it all. If you're looking at this on a service other than my site, then you can click the link to get to the zoomable, full size version of the image.

72in x 116in @ 150ppi
Big, zoomable version:

I began in Daz Studio:
Then moved on to Illustrator and Photoshop - to be precise, Photoshop, then Illustrator, then back to Photoshop.

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