fractal abstracts

This weekend's abstract art projects.

Fractal Abstracts
Been on a bit of a fractal kick, lately. Here are this weekend's projects:

pink -n- green
It may be difficult to tell that this began as a fractal rendering. I think that half the fun is coming up with a fractal worth looking at. The other half is wrecking and distorting it beyond all recognition. To me, this looks a little like an aerial shot of some alien terrain.
36in x 58in.
I had come up with a long litany of things to say with this piece. However, prudence won out and I removed it all. Instead, I encourage you to take the title and make your own conclusions.

Oh, and I did not set out to create a fractal that looked like buildings. That was a happy accident that I ran with, once I found it. I have another that I may actually like better than this one. I might post that one, too.

30in x 18.6in @ 300ppi

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