digital illustration, surrealistic, halftone pattern

digital illustration
No deep message here - not an intentional message, anyway. This just seemed to creep out of the ether; so, I left it slightly ethereal. Not really certain what prompted this. Maybe it's because one of the cable channels has been running Star Wars incessantly? Maybe it's the ongoing political crap constantly being rammed down our throats - predigested by "news" programs biased one way or the other? Good vs evil, left vs right, beware the dark side... blah blah blah. Really - we get it already. Same song, different drummer. Just give it a rest!

Maybe it's none of that. Maybe it is simply the result of random firings of a few bored neurons in an otherwise overly imaginative brain?

116in x 72in @ 150ppi.

First some in-process shots...
After processing the render from Daz in Ps, I broke it into color channels, vectorized each channel in Ai, then reassembled in Ps and continued processing. A lot. About 10-12 work hours later... and I ended up with the following
To zoom into the full size version:

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