The Hands

Desolate desert, fantasy illustration

A different kind of piece for me, I wanted to try my hand (heh) at a fantasy scene. The hands are actually my own - photographed on my iPhone, then converted to vector silhouettes in Adobe Illustrator, then imported into Blender, where I extruded and textured them – I used a procedural texture, not image based. While the stone texture came out well, the 3D software created edges that were way too clean and sharp for the texture and the scene, so I came back into Photoshop, after rendering, and roughed things up a bit. I had to do the same thing to the hair on the man and the child.

The birds were done by creating custom brushes from bird photos I found on Flickr: and
If you are looking at a smaller version of this, then you probably cannot see the birds very well.

72.427 in x 116.667 in @ 150ppi

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