Untitled 10-14-12

untitled digital 3D abstract

Playing around with a Blender & particle systems. I had wanted to implement subsurface scattering. However, since this piece was being rendered in pieces (using the Render Regions python add-on), the render would not come out right. Something about splitting the scene into pieces caused each portion to render the scattering slightly differently - which, in turn, caused the whole scene to show seams (for lack of a better word) when I put the pieces together in Photoshop. So, I thought I would try to recreate the scattering effect manually in Ps. This doesn't look much like the effect, but I am happy with the way it turned out. I'll have to research the problem with subsurf scattering and rendering regions some more. There must be a solution out there somewhere.

80in x 80in @ 150ppi.
big: http://mattlindley.info/post/2012/10/14/Untitled-10-14-12.aspx

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