bêtes noires

Digital illustration, child's nightmare

As a rule, I don't remember my dreams. Most of those that I have ever remembered were nightmares - and those are pretty rare. I can think of about six nightmares over the course of my entire life. Maybe it means I am particularly well adjusted and at peace with the world around me. Maybe it means I am a ticking timebomb of psychopathic rage. Time will tell.
Anyway, due to the rarity of my dreams, combined with the fact that I seem to remember nightmares more than regular dreams, I tend to be a bit happy when I have a nightmare. I look forward to the possibility of having one. Not because I am sadistic (at least, I don't think I am); but, because they can serve as artistic inspiration... and they serve as reassurance that I am dreaming.
This was not from a nightmare. It was just a doodle that became something like one. I was playing with Illustrator and trying out some different ideas for brush strokes when this suddenly sprang to life. I really like the spiky-furry feel of the monsters. Adding the child just seemed to make it a little more sinister.
24 x 38 in | 7200 x 11400 px

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