vengeance and redemption

A digital illustration with some 3D rendered elements and some abstraction/surrealism.

vengeance and redemption
Loooong process to bring this one to completion. Been busy with real work and had to put this one off till off hours. In fact, most of the work on this piece was done using my ipad as a remote to my computer in the evenings (so I wouldn't be stuck in my office all night long). There was a particularly large amount of bouncing between apps in this piece, since I had a number of components I wanted to bring together.

It also was a learning process - this is my first *successful* piece that includes 3D rendered fabric. That silk sash/sarong was a real pain to figure out in Blender. I would get it just right, only to find that Blender lost the Bake information for the fabric and I had to rebake it from scratch. Finally, I figured out how to keep the baked vertices/surfaces so I could continue editing without having to begin again.

Anyway, hope you like it. Feel free to leave me a comment!
36in x 58in.

see the big size (zoomable and full page options):

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