Expressionist digital painting of Savaldor Dali.

The first time I came across a Salvador Dali painting (in a book), I was a fan. It was the moment I realized art could be something beyond either still life or classical paintings. Sure, I was old enough to be aware of all kinds of art. But, it took a Dali to really open my mind to how limitless art could be. Before then, I saw art without fully understanding or considering each piece. Dali taught me to look beyond the first impression and to look for hidden meanings or imagery. Though I eventually settled on abstract as my preferred style of expression, Dali had a profound impact on how I approached my art.

Since I’m stretching my creative muscles and experimenting with this style of expressionism on portraits, I thought he would be a good subject. There are countless photos of the man – usually with him making an odd face. Since I couldn’t decide on one, I chose to do a composite. I think I’m happy with how it turned out.

For more info, progress screenshots and a couple of detail shots:

I don't know why those links are so small. Behance seems to be resisting every attempt to increase the font size on the links. My apologies for that.

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